Building and painting the Dark Age Living Hall
a Step-By-Step Picture Tutorial
The painted parts for the ground floor. The outside and the inside walls of the building are painted in different shades of beige.
The painted roof parts.
The walls have been glued to each other with superglue and with white glue to the base. I placed some weights on top of the walls while drying.
Gluing the roof parts is best be done with superglue. I also used activator to make the glue set in seconds. For this work a third and fourth hand would come helpful - but I did it with only tow
The wooden support for the top of the roof should be pinned with a thick wire. This is stronger than glue alone and the result looks even better an more realistic.
The next step was to glue the fur parts to the roof. I used white glue that I applied to the back of the fur and placed the parts one by one.
To achieve the structure of the thatched roof I used white glue (~20%), brown and ochre acrylic color (~20%) and water (~60%). The color in this mix gives the base for the drybrushing after the mix has set.
After soaking the whole fur with the mix I put the wooden structure on top of the roof. Then I used a simpel tool to achieve the structure. Here it is a matter of taste. Less structure will be more realistic but for my taste more structure will look more interesting in the end.
With this step done The whole roof has to dry for at least 12-24 hours.
Now it is time to glue the painted support beams to the base and walls using superglue.
The beams are cast on a kind of sprue and are numbered from 1 to 22. The same numbers are also engraved on the top of each beam and and on the places of the base where they have to be glued to so everything should fit well.
The next step is to gently drybrush the dried fur with different shades of ochre and off-white acrylic colors to achieve the impression of straw by using a big and a small bristle brush.
After drybrushing I created some contrasts in brightness and colors using black, brown and green dry pigments. This is a fast and easy method to weather the thatched and wooden parts and to achieve a realistic look.
And finally the last step‼️
I glued a lot different tuffs from MiniNatur in green an ochre to the base.
I also added some grass and moss to the top of the roof and the roof structure where in real life water wouldn’t flow off or dry that easy. This makes the roof look even more interesting and realistic.
Now the Dark Age Livinghall is finished.