Dear customers,

sadly I have to close the Online-Shop for some weeks because I will have a surgery and an adjacent rehab.
After this time the shop will definitely open again.

Thank you very much for your comprehension

Elmar, 03.04.2019


This site is all about high quality terrain, model buildings, accessoires and collectble miniatures for tabletop wargames and dioramas. They are best suited for 28-32 mm miniatures (Scale 1:56 - 1:48). This very detailed and realistic models and model kits are perfect for fantasy or historical tabletop wargames and diorama building.

The highest possible quality and realism are my topmost premisses, as well in the prozess of design as in production. My models and kits are only made of high quality materials like resin, hard stone plaster and white metal. Especially the high-class and very detailed surface textures of my models make a difference to most of the other sellers of terrain.

But that isn't all!
On my website you will find many pictures, step-by-step painting- and building-tutorials for my models and hobby-hints, tutorials, pictures and informations of many of my own hobby projects. Especially to this part of the webpage I will add a lot of  content over the next weeks and months.

I hope you will find a lot of inspiration and ideas and perhaps one or two models for your current or comming hobby-projects.



New Products:


New Set of furs and trophies

Product no.: MA50
24.90 *

New Furs of livestock

Product no.: MA51
7.90 *
In stock
Delivery period: 3-5 working days

New Furs of wild animals

Product no.: MA52
7.90 *

New Trophies - animal furs

Product no.: MA53
7.90 *

New Trophies - animal skulls

Product no.: MA54
7.90 *

New Dark Age Living Hall

Product no.: DA06


119.90 *

New 32mm Barbarian Couple

Product no.: FH52
14.50 *

New Barbarian with bastardsword

Product no.: FH53
5.90 *

New Female barbarian with sword and dagger

Product no.: FH54
5.90 *

New Barbarian with axe and shield

Product no.: FH55]
5.90 *

New Female barbarian with sword and shield

Product no.: FH56
5.90 *

New Scottish Veterans 2

Product no.: HM09
17.90 *

New Mounmted Draugr Lord

Product no.: UD06
11.90 *

New Mounmted Draugr 2

Product no.: UD07
11.90 *

New Scottish bagpiper

Product no.: HM10
5.90 *

New Scottish priest with cross

Product no.: HM11
5.90 *

New 3 pigs

Product no.: TI14
5.50 *

New 3 cows

Product no.: TI11
11.50 *

New 7 goats

Product no.: TI01
11.50 *

New 4 sheep

Product no.: TI12
7.50 *

New Donkey 1

Product no.: TI05
3.50 *

New 5 goose

Product no.: TI02
5.50 *

New Gander

Product no.: TI13
1.90 *

New Cat

Product no.: TI16
1.90 *

New Pair of oxes

Product no.: TI15
8.50 *

New Stag

Product no.: TI17
7.50 *

New Deer

Product no.: TI18
1.90 *

New Fox, running

Product no.: TI09
1.90 *

New Fox, sitting

Product no.: TI06
1.90 *

New Badger

Product no.: TI04
1.90 *

New Heron

Product no.: TI07
1.90 *

New Wild sow and 5 shoats

Product no.: TI10
5.50 *

New Wild boar

Product no.: TI03
3.50 *
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